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What is a good herbal or all natural tick repellent for dogs?

http://www.care2.com/channels/solutions/self/23What is a good herbal or all natural tick repellent for dogs?
go to all natural food or herb product store and they can tell youWhat is a good herbal or all natural tick repellent for dogs?
a good friend of mine that is a very good pet owner swears by sprinkling a liberal amount of garlic powder on the petfood each time they eat...he says it works really well and does not harm the dogs, and the dogs do not seem to notice it.
It is not possible to buy a repellant for ticks.

The best thing to do is to get your vet to prescribe something like frontline. You put this liquid, a tiny amount on the dogs neck. Anything that feeds on the dogs blood is then killed. It is an excellent product with no side effects that I have seen.

DO NOT pull a tick off your animal as it will leave the mouth parts in the skin causing infection and a possible abscess.

If ticks are a very occasional problem, your vet can remove them by freezing them.
as stated above, don't try to pull the ticks off the dog, bring to the vet, in an emergency, ticks can be removed by a drop of ';Isopropyl Alcohol'; on the tick, apply vasaline ';Heavily'; to the affected area, remove with tweezers carefully, and slowly the next day, make sure that ALL of the Tick is removed. Spring is a ticks favorite time of year, I noticed that ticks love beachy, brushy area's, so keep the Dog away, if you can.

Need a natural tick repellent for my dog?

You can try mixing a small amount of garlic into your dog's food (mix in with every other feeding). HOWEVER, DO NOT DEPEND ON THE GARLIC ALONE {FOR A PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME} YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANOTHER FORM OF FLEA AND TICK CONTROL AS SOON AS IT IS POSSIBLE.Need a natural tick repellent for my dog?
I've heard that cedar oil will work. See link below. I haven't tried it myself.

http://www.cedarcide.com/productguide.as鈥?/a>Need a natural tick repellent for my dog?
Garlic is a natural deterant although I am not sure about the application.
try garlic if you feed it to your dog or even put some poweder on him the feas/tics dont like the smell and wont bother your dog.
You can also try a pyrethrin - type product. I'm not sure if it's as natural as you want--it's a manufactured chemical that occurs naturally in chrysanthymums--which is why you see rows of c.s planted around gardens frequently. Although the product is manufactured, it is chemically identical to what you would find in the flowers. It kills as well as repels many common bugs.

Or you could make a little doggie jacket and stuff the pockets with chrys's!
try a flee and tic colar at a local pet store!!

ohh and they also make a cream you can get at a vet

to help ward off ticks

I have insect repellent to sell and not realy sure where to start to go about selling it.

I have 8000 bottles of insect repellent to sell. Anyone out there have a fishing shop or know anyone who would be interested in buying them wholesale. If the price is right will delivery them personally.I have insect repellent to sell and not realy sure where to start to go about selling it.
Try trade shows. Around me they happen frequently. I use cig smoke and spit for a deterant, so thanks and Good Luck!

Experience with rat repellent?

Due to the gross habits of the tennants (and the neglectful attitude of the owners) of the apartment building next door to us, the backyard in my condo now has rats. We have tried to rat-proof our area (put heavy metal lids on the dumpster, etc.) but we still have rats. I wrote to our local Aldermand who seems to not give a rat's you know what about our rat problem. So, I need to get rid of the rats that are coming over from next door. One person in the condo said that there is a product called Rat-Away which is made with the urine of predators like foxes. Does anyone have expereince with a product like this in an urban setting. How do our city rats know what a fox smells like anyway? Any why would they be afraid of it?Experience with rat repellent?
that would probably work; it's just instinct.

also, call the city vector control (or find their website). there will be info on that site %26amp; also free assessment. a vector control person will come out and check the house %26amp; give you ideas to control the problem. roof rats are common in california; i've used rat poision and it works, but there is a chance they can die in the garage/walls %26amp; stink and collect flies.

first--protect the house: during daylight hours, seal all holes from the outside into your house. rats only need a hole the size of a quarter to get in. you can go to home depot or a hardware store and get some cauke for concrete or whatever the surface is. keep them from getting into the house. that is your primary concern.

second--yard: use the fox urine on the fences, building, yard, etc.; do not use poison blocks or poison pellets if there are cats/pets living in your building who might eat it.

third--get rid of bird seed %26amp; fresh fallen fruit

fourth--trim the shrubs, bushes, etc., away from the building to keep them from making homes there

fifth--flea control: make sure all the pets in the building have had their flea meds (check the size of the pet %26amp; breed first! and match the flea box--it can be deadly if given the wrong weight/dose).; rats carry fleas that carry diseases (this is how the plague killed so many). the rats can bite your pets, or you, or transfer the fleas to your pets.

sixth--clean: spray any dead rat with lysol; remove from the area w/ plastic bags; dispose of in a sealed container, or call vector control %26amp; ask them. spray any rat droppings with lysol; do not vacuum it up--the vapors are poisonous to humans; spray it with lysol, then pick it up w/ paper towels; disinfect with bleach %26amp; water or lysol %26amp; water. the urine is poisonous, too.

unfortunately, ';if you want something done right, do it yourself';. do not wait for your alderman to care!! these things breed pretty quickly. i belive it's about 3 weeks, they start having babies. talk to the owner of the building and all other tenants. work together. rats are a neighborhood problem. good luck. act now!

rats are nocturnal; they will play in your house's walls at night; defend during daylight hours %26amp; they should be outside.Experience with rat repellent?
I would contract city or county govt. and report them. Many times they will provide poison in tamper proof boxes until they can force neighbors to clean the place up.

Sounds like diatoneasious earth - natural flea repellent?

It's a natural flea, tick, bug repellent - can put on pets or in their food. It's a white powder.Sounds like diatoneasious earth - natural flea repellent?
Yes it does sound like d. earth to me. Also when you put in their food is suppossed to get rid of worms.Sounds like diatoneasious earth - natural flea repellent?
Diatomaceous Earth.

Your local gardening store should carry it.

And yes it works.
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  • Can I give my cat a double dose of Spot on flea repellent?

    He has fleas.Can I give my cat a double dose of Spot on flea repellent?
    No, as overdosing a cat can be fatal. Always get flea treatment from a vet and follow the instructions carefully.Can I give my cat a double dose of Spot on flea repellent?
    No never double dose, it could be harmful to the kitten.

    One dose is enough, you should allow 48 hrs for the treatment to start working and taking effect.

    Note if the spot on treatment you are using is over-the-counter it is unlikely to be very effective. Use frontiline or stronghold.

    It is important to buy a spray to treat the environment too, as fleas lay eggs in the cats bedding, in your carpets etc and can reinfest your cat with fleas again. Get the spray from a vet/animal shelter store.
    Only if you want to kill him.

    The flea drops are strong pesticides, and the dose is regulated by the size/weight of the cat (see the box instructions). If you double dose, the cat has a toxic overdose that is going to start destroying his liver, killing him. These are intensly strong pesticides and having it on your skin will do the same to you.

    Fleas don't ALL die in two days. The ones that are in the environment and haven't bitten the cat won't be poisoned till they get back on him, so what looks like an infestation not being touched actually isn't. Remember that flea eggs will be hatching as well, for up to 3 months, making it look like fleas haven't died at all. But the dose is working and will continue to work for a good 30 days. As new ones jump on the cat they die, the dead ones all fall off, so you're going to be seeing things around till the last of them dies.
    No, don't. Mostly because it will be pointless but also, if it's a spot-on treatment from a pet store you will be risking your cat's life.

    Never use pet store flea treatments, they are often dangerous and usually useless (with the exception of Frontline).

    If you are already using a proper flea treatment from a vets, like Frontline or Revolution etc there is no need for a second treatment within a month. If you are still seeing fleas 48 hours after applying the stuff (presuming you got it on correctly i.e. the skin) it means you need to spray your house - this is where most of the fleas are living.

    If you have used a pet store flea treatment and are still seeing fleas after 48 hours it's because, as I've said the stuff won't work - and also you probably need to spray your house!

    If you've used a pet store flea treatment, you need to now get some proper stuff from a vets. Ask their advice about when you can apply it; we recommend waiting a week after applying a pet store treatment, in case it interferes with the action of the proper stuff.

    No. Most over the counter flea treatments like Spot On are ineffective, and many are downright toxic. See your vet and get a prescription topical treatment like Advantage, Frontline or Revolution. They work and they won't kill your cat like some of the over the counter ones can. If you've already applied Spot On, let your vet know when you applied it so s/he can advise you when it's safe to put the other treatment on him. You'll also need to treat your home if he's indoors. If you don't, you'll end up with an infestation. Talk to your vet about what product(s) will be safe to use in the home. Here's more information about over the counter flea treatments:

    No, my vet said some cats have died because they're given the wrong dosage of flea and tick medicine.

    Can i buy RID mosquito repellent in uk it is originally from Australia?

    Try Field and Trek. I think that they stock it. If not they will have similar products which will do the job.Can i buy RID mosquito repellent in uk it is originally from Australia?
    no luck! but i have ordered on line from aust.

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